Monkey King Mobile Legends Build

Monkey King Mobile Legends Build

Monkey king mobile legends build

Mobile Legends is a popular online multiplayer game that features various heroes with unique abilities and playstyles. One of the most beloved heroes in the game is Monkey King, known for his agility and powerful attacks. In this article, we will discuss the best build for Monkey King and provide some tips and tricks to enhance your gameplay with this hero.

When it comes to building Monkey King, there are several key items to consider. The first item you should focus on is the Golden Staff. This item provides a significant boost to Monkey King’s attack speed and critical strike chance, allowing him to deal massive damage to enemies. Pairing the Golden Staff with the Berserker’s Fury and Scarlet Phantom will further enhance his critical strike damage, making him a formidable force on the battlefield.

In addition to items, it is important to choose the right emblem set and talent for Monkey King. The Assassin emblem set is a great choice as it provides bonus physical attack and critical damage, maximizing his damage potential. As for the talent, the Bounty Hunter talent is recommended. This talent allows Monkey King to gain extra gold and experience for every kill, giving him a significant advantage over his opponents.

When playing as Monkey King, it is crucial to utilize his abilities effectively. His first ability, Skyward Sword, is a great poking tool and can deal significant damage to multiple enemies. His second ability, Cloud Walker, allows him to dash in and out of battles, making him a difficult target to hit. Finally, his ultimate, Mountain Shocker, should be used to initiate team fights or secure kills on low-health enemies. Mastering the timing and combination of these abilities will greatly improve your gameplay as Monkey King.

In conclusion, building Monkey King in Mobile Legends requires a combination of items, emblem sets, and talents. Choosing the right build and mastering his abilities will make Monkey King a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. So, follow the tips and tricks mentioned in this article and dominate the game as the powerful Monkey King.

Essential Tips for the Best Monkey King Build in Mobile Legends

Essential Tips for the Best Monkey King Build in Mobile Legends

1. Understand Monkey King’s Abilities

1. Understand Monkey King's Abilities

Before creating the best build for Monkey King in Mobile Legends, it is essential to understand his abilities.

Passive – Strength of the Asura: Grants additional attack power and restores health upon killing an enemy unit.

Ability 1 – Charge: Leaps towards the target area, dealing damage and stunning enemies upon landing.

Ability 2 – Poised to Strike: Attacks enemies in a cone area, dealing damage and reducing their movement speed for a short duration.

Ultimate Ability – Cloud Surge: Transforms into a cloud and dashes towards the target, dealing damage to enemies along the way and stunning them upon landing.

2. Prioritize Damage and Attack Speed Items

Monkey King relies heavily on his attack speed and damage output to eliminate enemies quickly. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize items that increase these attributes.

  • Berserker’s Fury
  • Scarlet Phantom
  • Blade of Despair

3. Build Defense Items for Survivability

While dealing high damage is important, it is equally essential to have survivability in battles. Including some defense items in the build will help Monkey King sustain damage and stay longer in team fights.

  • Queen’s Wings
  • Immortality
  • Athena’s Shield

4. Use the Emblem Set for Physical Damage

4. Use the Emblem Set for Physical Damage

For Monkey King, it is recommended to use an emblem set that enhances his physical damage output.

Custom Assassin Emblem Set:

  • Tier 1 Talent: Bravery (Physical Attack +3)
  • Tier 2 Talent: Invasion (Physical Penetration +3)
  • Tier 3 Talent: Bounty Hunter (Bonus Gold +80 for each kill)

5. Utilize Battle Spells

5. Utilize Battle Spells

Choose battle spells that complement Monkey King’s abilities and playstyle:

  • Retribution: Use to secure jungle monsters and clear lanes more efficiently.
  • Flicker: Use to initiate or escape team fights, especially when the ultimate ability is on cooldown.
  • Purify: Use to remove crowd control effects and maintain mobility during battles.

6. Farm and Level up Efficiently

To maximize Monkey King’s potential, focus on efficient farming and leveling up during the early game. This will allow him to unlock and upgrade his abilities quickly, becoming a formidable force in the later stages of the match.

7. Coordinate with Teammates

7. Coordinate with Teammates

Monkey King thrives in team fights, so communication and coordination with teammates are crucial. Coordinate with your team to initiate fights, take objectives, and protect each other during battles.



By understanding Monkey King’s abilities, prioritizing damage and attack speed items, incorporating defense items, utilizing the appropriate emblem set and battle spells, farming efficiently, and coordinating with teammates, you can create the best Monkey King build in Mobile Legends and dominate the battlefield.

Optimize Your Equipment for Maximum Damage

Optimize Your Equipment for Maximum Damage

As a Monkey King player, it is essential to have the right equipment that maximizes your damage output. By choosing the right combination of items, you can deal devastating blows to your enemies and dominate the battlefield. Here are some tips to optimize your equipment for maximum damage:

  • Build Attack Items: Focus on building attack items that provide both damage and attack speed. Items like Berserker’s Fury, Blade of Despair, and Scarlet Phantom are great choices to enhance your basic attacks.
  • Enhance Your Critical Hits: Critical hits are crucial for high damage output. Items like Blade of Despair and Windtalker increase your critical hit damage and chance, allowing you to deal massive damage to your enemies.
  • Consider Lifesteal: Lifesteal items like Haas’s Claws or Bloodlust Axe can provide you with sustainable damage during fights. They allow you to regain health while dealing damage, ensuring your survival on the battlefield.
  • Choose Items with Passive Effects: Look for items that provide additional passive effects. For example, Blade of the 7 Seas deals extra damage to enemies with low health, while Endless Battle increases your attack damage after using a skill. These effects can greatly enhance your damage potential.
  • Utilize Defense-Penetrating Items: Items like Malefic Roar and Blade of the 7 Seas provide additional attack penetration, allowing you to deal more damage to enemies with high defense. This is particularly effective against tanky heroes.
  • Pay Attention to Cooldown Reduction: Reduce your skill cooldowns with items like Blade of the 7 Seas or Fleeting Time. With shorter cooldowns, you can use your skills more frequently and deal damage consistently throughout the game.

Remember, a well-optimized equipment build can significantly increase your damage output as Monkey King. Experiment with different combinations and find the build that suits your playstyle the best. Keep practicing, and soon you will be able to decimate your enemies with ease.

Master the Art of Positioning and Timing

Master the Art of Positioning and Timing

As a Monkey King player, one of the most important skills you need to master is the art of positioning and timing. Proper positioning can make a huge difference in your gameplay and can often be the deciding factor between victory and defeat. Here are some tips and tricks to help you improve your positioning and timing:

  1. Stay in the Backline: Monkey King is an excellent hero for dealing damage, but he is also quite squishy. It’s important to stay in the backline during team fights and avoid getting caught in the frontline. This will allow you to deal damage from a safe distance and avoid getting focused by the enemy team.
  2. Engage at the Right Time: Timing is crucial when playing Monkey King. It’s important to wait for the perfect moment to engage in team fights. Look for opportunities where the enemy team is out of position or when their crowd control abilities are on cooldown. This will allow you to maximize your impact and catch the enemy team off guard.
  3. Utilize Fog of War: Monkey King’s ultimate ability, Wukong’s Command, creates a large area of effect damage around him. To make the most out of this ability, try to position yourself in bushes or areas with limited vision. This will allow you to surprise the enemy team and catch them off guard with your ultimate.
  4. Watch for Crowd Control: Monkey King is highly vulnerable to crowd control abilities, such as stuns and silences. Keep an eye on the enemy team’s crowd control abilities and try to position yourself in a way that you can avoid them. This might mean staying behind your tank or using your mobility skills to dodge incoming crowd control.
  5. Stay Mobile: Monkey King is a highly mobile hero, and his mobility skills are key to his playstyle. Use your mobility skills, such as Nimbus Strike and Decoy, to quickly reposition yourself during team fights. This will make it difficult for the enemy team to focus you and will allow you to keep dealing damage from different angles.

By mastering the art of positioning and timing, you can become a formidable Monkey King player. Remember to always stay aware of your surroundings, communicate with your team, and adapt your positioning based on the situation. With practice and experience, you’ll be able to make the most out of Monkey King’s abilities and lead your team to victory.

What is the best build for Monkey King in Mobile Legends?

The best build for Monkey King in Mobile Legends depends on your playstyle and the current meta. However, a recommended build for Monkey King includes items like Blade of Despair, Endless Battle, Thunder Belt, Athena’s Shield, Queen’s Wings, and Immortality.

What are some tips and tricks for playing Monkey King in Mobile Legends?

Some tips and tricks for playing Monkey King in Mobile Legends include using your Skill 1 (Cloud Walker) to move around the map quickly and avoid enemy attacks, using your Skill 2 (Decoy) to confuse enemies and escape dangerous situations, and using your Ultimate (Sweeping Staff) to deal AoE damage and control team fights.

How should I play Monkey King in the early game?

In the early game, you should focus on farming and gaining experience. Use your Skill 1 (Cloud Walker) to scout the map and look for opportunities to gank or assist your teammates. Prioritize getting your core items and try to secure objectives like the Turtle or the enemy’s buff.

What should be my role in team fights as Monkey King?

As Monkey King, your role in team fights is to deal damage and disrupt the enemy team. Use your Skill 2 (Decoy) to confuse and disorient the enemy, and position yourself well to hit multiple enemies with your Ultimate (Sweeping Staff). Focus on squishy targets like the enemy’s damage dealers and use your skills to chase them down or escape from dangerous situations.

How do I counter Monkey King as an enemy player?

To counter Monkey King as an enemy player, you can try to burst him down quickly before he can use his skills. Crowd control abilities and heroes with high burst damage can be effective against Monkey King. Try to avoid fighting him alone and always communicate with your team to coordinate your attacks and take him down.

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